Capital - Kyiv
Official language - Ukrainian
Currency - Hryvnia
Time zone - Eastern European Time (UTC+2)

Ukraine is a wonderful country in the East of Europe which has many treasures – long history, magnificent nature, hearty people. It’s quite paradoxical country – it’s very old and modern in the same time. According to the legends its capital was founded in V century, but Ukraine got the independence only after breakup of Soviet Union in 1991.

According to one of the versions the centre of Europe is situated in Ukraine (village Dilove in Zakarpatsky region). Ukraine is the second country of the Europe by territory (after Russia) and fifth by population. State language is Ukrainian (which by the way is treated as one of the most harmonious in the world). The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv (population over 4 million people). Large cities are Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovs’k, Odessa. Ukraine has two mountain massifs – Carpathians in West and Crimea mountains in South. Our country is washed by two seas – Black and Azov.

The climate of Ukraine is continental being subtropical only on the Southern coast of the Crimea. Winters are usually snowy, in spring everything turns green because of different fields, forests and parks in different parts of Ukraine. Summer is usually hot and is a good season for beach holiday, autumn gives wide variety of colors – yellow, orange, red – like some fantastic magician painted all trees with brightest colors he had. All seasons are good in their own way. The country is famous because of its outstanding citizens- rocket builder Koroliov, poet T.G.Shevchenko, philosopher G.S.Skovoroda, heart surgeon Amosov, air crafter Sikorsky,films producer Dovzhenko. Nowadays more popularity to our country added football player Andrii Shevchenko, boxers brothers Klytchko, singer Ruslana who won the Eurovision contest in 2004, actress Mila Yovovich, Olga Kurilenko – one of latest James bond’s girlfriends.

It’s not easy to describe Ukraine with few words, because it’s large and one region differs from another. Climb Goverla mountain in Carpathians, try the tastiest coffee in cozy restaurants of Lviv, be impressed by beauty of Kyiv, feel the romantic atmosphere of Uman, walk through the largest square of Europe in Kharkiv, see with your own eyes cole mines of Donetsk, relax with tender touch of waters of Black or Azov sea – and you’ll understand that life is really wonderful and colourful.

So – Welcome! Herzlich willcommen! Ласкаво просимо!



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